Something Green

We both care deeply about the environment and we know that weddings can have a big environmental impact. So we thought a long while about ways to lower our impact and still have fun things like guests (thinking about eloping made us sad), games and dancing.

We made some no-brainer decisions to go green: composting, growing our own flowers, and holding the wedding in a central location in the middle of a gorgeous conservation area. And we also made a few unorthodox calls like the potluck dinner, electronic invitations, and the no-gift policy.


Aside from saving folks some money, foregoing gifts saves all the energy and materials that would have gone into making and transporting everything. And it extends the lives of all the stuff we’ve already got! Yay!

As for the potluck, it’s pretty cool too – chances are good that most of the leftovers will be eaten, and all the serving dishes will be used again. Even the tablecloths will eventually be made into Christmas gift bags if you don’t take them home.

And the electronic invitations? Think of all the trees we saved! And we don’t have to figure out how to mail burlap bows or customized monogrammed 78s or some such crazy business!

Arguably, weddings aren’t the time to be trotting out personal beliefs and inflicting them on loved ones. That said, the great outdoors are a huge part of our lives together, and we subscribe to the Seussian theory:

“Being crazy isn’t enough.”

Er, not that one. Maybe that one. Mostly this one, though:

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”