Love Story

“I want to get apple trees pregnant,” Tudor said when he met Shauna. “Let’s dress like bees! And ride bikes.”

That spring when they met was odd. In the middle of March it hit 30 degrees and they went sunbathing in Bayfield. A few days later, just as the apple trees blossomed, a sudden frost plucked all the petals. Thus, the only thing left to do was to ride bikes.

[foldergallery folder=”photos/HamiltonBikeRide2012/images/” title=”Bike Ride to Hamilton” thumbnails=”single”]So one crazy April weekend Tudor and Shauna rode 216km all the way to Hamilton and back. They never experienced so many rushing vistas, so much freedom or so much butt pain at once.

After that bike ride Tudor and Shauna decided they needed to be together and outside all the time. They went to the big city to load up on camping gear and in the evening they found themselves in Tobermory.

Holding handsThey mocked the bear warning signs, and immediately after had to run away from real-life bears. But the weather was fantastic. They spent mornings together on a little platform in the woods and kissed on the shore of the lake with waves lapping against rocks.

Spring blossomed into summer. They packed eggs, tents and puppies and went camping along Great Lakes and rivers. They found tall grasses and bird sanctuaries. Several ticks found them delicious.

Throughout that summer one adventure merged into the next. They went to Point Pelee, biked from Barrie to Orillia on one clear, gorgeous morning, shot golf balls from the back of abandoned trucks, danced in the kitchen, made soup and forgot it on the stove.Cambridge golf

September came suddenly. “Let’s ride our bikes to Bayfield,” Tudor said. The ride was long and Tudor was biking in circles around Goderich.

“Don’t we have to rush back?” Shauna said.

“I’m sure we’ll make it,” Tudor said, not worried at all. On the back roads to Bayfield, a coyote crossed their path. Birds were everywhere.

When they reached Bayfield, they dug their toes into the sand on the beach. The evening sun was glimmering on the lake and there was light everywhere. Tudor stumbled through his bag.

“Every day with you is an adventure and I want to keep having wonderful adventures with you forever,” he said. “You make me incredibly happy, and I want to spend my life making you happy too if you would marry me.”

He handed Shauna a puzzle box in the shape of a heart with ring inside. She waved her hands with excitement. “I want to go on all sorts of wonderful adventures with you too,” she said.

Bayfield UnicornLate at night they came back to the beach. There was nobody around and they sat on the sand listening to the waves as they dreamt of their next adventure. Someone at one of the cottages started an elaborate fireworks display and they watched in awe, fingers intertwined. Everything felt like magic.

— —

Shauna and Tudor got married on September 21 2013. They had a lovely potlock wedding with a small circle of friends and family.