Easter Camping

Last year we camped at MacGreggor Point right after Easter: it was chilly, but we had a tiny portable heater in our tent and a lot of fun.

This year for Easter we decided early on it would be too cold for tent camping. So a couple of months back we booked a yurt — the older we get the more we realize we love glamping, especially in the cold months.

The kids were pretty excited to go on our glamping adventure too:

As it turns out, it was a great weekend to glamp: the rain was constant and miserable, but our yurt had a stove and was cozy.

We had breaks between the rain storms, so we went for hikes, and Devon used his fishing rod to fish in the giant rain puddle that nearly took over our site:

We were not sure how the Easter Bunny was going to find us in the woods, but he must’ve hopped around to each site until he found our yurt. Devon got chocolates, toys, and best of all a rocket to launch off into space.

We got to spent time with family too. Devon got to decorate an Easter cake and we were so full with yummy food and sugar most evenings that when we got back to our yurt we just fell asleep. Glamping is hard, guys.

The sun waited until on our last day at MacGreggor to show up. Before leaving we went for a hike in the wetlands and spring was suddenly everywhere: every single frog in the forest was croaking in unison, all the bugs were out, and bees were lazily basking in the light, visiting the few flowers that emerged after all the rain:

“This was the best camping trip ever,” said Devon. We definitely made a little glamper.

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