After an unexpectedly mild December, we thought winter would never start: our local ski hill kept postponing its opening, all ice rinks in our neighbourhood were dry, and our trees were thinking about budding out.

But winter did start two weeks ago, and Devon and I decided we had no time to waste. This year he got new skis, skates and a helmet from Santa, and we were determined to learn all the winter sports before the next warm spell hit.

Devon thinks skating is much harder than it looks. Luckily we had a giant trainer to hold on to (at first I needed it almost as much as Devon did):

Learning to ski is a bit easier, but also challenging for the little guy. He wants to be as fast as some of the other little kids he sees on the slopes, but it’s all baby steps. Today he learned to stop by himself and he was pretty pleased:

The hardest thing about winter spots is getting him outside — he’s a child who likes to be cozy. But once he gets going he has fun.

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