Devon tried hard to be a good boy this year.

“But my brain is still growing,” he says, repeating an article on prefrontal cortex development we read together. “Sometimes I’m not good at making decisions.”

Despite being sometimes bad, he still got a sledful of toys from Santa. His biggest wish for Christmas was to get a Jack-in-the-Box — and he loved it. He spent two days trying to scare relatives with his pop-up toy. “It’s just a music box,” he’d say and then gleefully surprise people:

Since he has three sets of grandparents, he also got legos, dinosaurs, race tracks, and more toys that we could fit in our tiny car. Santa may have spoiled him slightly.

This hatching dinosaur egg really built up the anticipation:

The gift we’re most looking forward to using together are his new skates and hockey helmet. This kid needs an outlet for his badness:

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