Devon asked what was my favourite toy growing up.

“Barbie,” I said. “I used to knit them tiny outfits and blankies when I was your age.”

Ever since he’s been fixated on getting a Barbie, and the Barbie Dreamhouse TV show only deepened his fixation.

We were pretty excited he wants to play with something other than dinosaurs and roaring, but it was surprisingly hard finding a suitable Barbie. Most Barbie sets are a serious investment. Poop and Scoop Barbie was affordable, but got vetoed by Devon.

Yesterday we found the perfect Barbie: she was on sale and driving a car. Devon wouldn’t leave the store without her and he’s been playing with her for two days straight. Unfortunately, most of his games involve some sort of tornado that strips Barbie’s clothes away. “It’s so windy,” he says giggling madly at the naked Barbie. Then Barbie has to drive in search of her clothes, but the weather conditions are consistently problematic.

Like father like son, I guess:

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