Mushroom, Mushroom

For our wedding day five years ago (where did all that time go?), Shauna crafted magical, felted mushrooms to make our barn wedding feel woodsy and cozy:

So to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary (the wood anniversary), we headed into the forest to find actual mushrooms. Long Point Eco Adventures hosts an annual mushroom foray: not only did we get to learn about mushrooms from an old, grizzled naturalist, but we also got to enjoy a five course meal with wine pairings. Magical.

We spent three days glamping at Long Point in the fanciest tent we’ve ever seen. The eco resort was fantastic: we got to try zip lining, mountain biking, new wines, and hiked around some of the largest remaining wetlands in Ontario. The only thing missing was Devon: he’s too young for ziplining (and drinking wine), but we definitely want to take him on lots of bike rides as soon as he learns to ride.

Here’s what our little trip looked like:

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