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August 2018

Manitoulin Trip

Before leaving for the wilderness for two straight weeks, Devon learned to use the bear spray canister. Because we were heading way up North, Shauna bought bear repellent just in case. I pretended to be a bear, and it turns out Devon has good aim. “Watch out bears!” we said …

Heat Wave

Before the storms came through, we had a lovely heat wave over the Civic long weekend. Devon got to splash at the park and have a quick trip to the lake. Shauna and I got to ride our bikes to Bayfield. Lovely, lovely.


We started giving Devon an allowance now that he’s realizing he’s a big boy. So far he’s getting two dollars per week — it was hard picking an amount since inflation is impacting toyland, and we want him to start ‘budgeting’ for toy purchases. The goal right now is to …

RESP Goals! (mid-year update)

Group RESPs are receiving extensive news coverage again for all the wrong reasons. We considered group RESPs when Devon was born and …