Yay Hillside!

We’ve been taking Devon to Hillside Festival since he was born (the first time he was just a tiny potato).

But this was the first year when he started to groove along with the music. We had a dance party to San Fermin, cuddled during Plants and Animals, and bopped along to Lido Pimienta.

His favourite activity this year was swimming in Guelph Lake. “Let’s go to the pond,” he’d say as soon as we got to the festival, and there was no dragging him out of the water until he started shivering:

He told all his friends at school how much fun he had at Hillside. His only regret is that the coconut vendors were not there this year. “I was really looking forward to drinking a coconut,” he repeated over and over on the way home. Next time we go we’ll need to pack some coconuts to make his experience complete.

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