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November 2017

Sicky Weekend

Unlike his first year in daycare, Devon only had the sniffles once or twice this fall and nothing too serious. Until today. He was up most of the night with what looks like an ear infection and has spent the morning snuggling mom and his shark:


Devon came down with a cold this weekend, so we decided to join forces with three additional toddlers for a road trip to Toronto! Sherry and Regan brought their bundles of joy, and we met up at the aquarium. We expected some epic meltdowns from our sick little guy — …


Devon’s favorite superhero is Lego Batman. The Batman cartoon is still too scary for him to watch, but Netflix has a re-remix of Batman using Legos that’s mesmerizing to toddlers. “Who do you want to be when you grow up, Devon?” “Lego Batman.” So it goes. Last weekend we found …

Fall at the Farm

Not only is our friend Paula an awesome matchmaker (she hooked up Shauna and me), she’s also a pretty great farmer. Her …