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May 2016

Victoria Day Camping

Some of our camping trips on the May 24 weekend have been cold, washed-out disasters. But we wanted to take Devon out in the woods in the early spring, before all the bugs, so a few months ago we booked a log cabin in Port Rowan. “Let is storm,” we …

Flamingo baby

Last weekend, our friend Heather had her 40th birthday party — yay! We took Devon, and he really enjoyed dancing to the Mariachi band, eating cookies and chasing bubbles. But he especially enjoyed the lawn flamingos. We have a wild party baby:

Mother’s day

For Mother’s day, Devon and I made brunch reservations at the butterfly conservatory. They offered a neat package where we got to …


Devon turned two. Yay! Two years go by extremely quickly — it’s no lie. We can’t believe how much he’s changed (and …