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April 2016

New commuter bike

The new bike only arrived this weekend. It’s really orange. Devon helped me do a quick tune-up and then we went riding our orange bikes to the park. The park llamas came right up to him to eat his banana, but he was clever about it and kept teasing them …


Devon loves hidey–holes and camping — so we combined his two passions by getting him a tent that looks like a castle. The castle has been in the middle of our living room all weekend, and Devon has pretty much been living in it. Occasionally, he drags one of us …

Grease Monkey

Bought a new bike this weekend. Yay! My old, rusty commuter bike broke down entirely after many winters. It still had some worth-while parts, so Devon helped me strip down the bike. He’s super excited by tools, grease, and many bike rides when the weather gets nice:

Butterfly Conservatory

The butterfly conservatory in Cambridge is magical, especially in the dead of winter. Luckily, winter decided to hang around for a while. …