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Trees for Shauna

We wanted to surprise Shauna with some new trees for Mother’s Day. The trees surprised us instead: they arrived a day too early and we rushed over to pick them up on Saturday. The tree pickup was at the Organic Farming center in Guelph and everything smelled like compost. Devon …

Birthdays and Alligators

Shauna celebrated her birthday last week and we had a few get-togethers to celebrate. As always, Devon (whose birthday is not for another month) ended up getting far more gifts than Shauna, and then proceeded to appropriate most of Shauna’s gifts as well. He was especially thrilled with the alligator …

Birthday Weekend

We took a few days off work for Shauna’s birthday to hang out in Bayfield. It was magical: Devon got to visit with his grandparents and demolish trains and block buildings; we got to go for long hikes, see tundra swans and bold eagles, and closely inspect owl poo.