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Sweetest Devon

Shauna took Devon for a quick checkup on Wednesday to figure out why he was chugging water like a fish. The doctor had one quick look at his glucose reading and sent him directly to emergency — his blood was so full of sugar it was radioactive. “I’m like spider …

Animal Bond

Devon and Ryder have been developing a stronger bond over the past few months. Ryder loves to eat all of his leftovers, and in turn Devon washes her and plays ‘shark attack’ with her. Her ears are very soft for nibbling.

Sicky Weekend

Unlike his first year in daycare, Devon only had the sniffles once or twice this fall and nothing too serious. Until today. He was up most of the night with what looks like an ear infection and has spent the morning snuggling mom and his shark:


Devon came down with a cold this weekend, so we decided to join forces with three additional toddlers for a road trip …