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Car Care

It’s been a long winter for the cars too. The Cobalt started making terrible sounds, so Devon helped me change tires and clean out the cars. With his help (and some expensive repairs) the car is once more driving like new:

Bike Fixer Upper

Devon and I biked nearly two thousand kilometres this year, and I’ve been pulling him behind in his little chariot most of the way. Fun: And because he’s been growing like a weed, he’s been getting increasingly heavier to pull. With all that weight on the bike we managed to …

Grease Monkey

Bought a new bike this weekend. Yay! My old, rusty commuter bike broke down entirely after many winters. It still had some worth-while parts, so Devon helped me strip down the bike. He’s super excited by tools, grease, and many bike rides when the weather gets nice:

Shed repairs

We have a surprising number of yard chores to finish before winter: the shed needs to be fixed, winter tires changed, yard …