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No sooner did we finish fixing our bike than someone sneaked into our house in the middle of the night and stole it along with our camera gear. It’s been pretty upsetting. We spent the last two days contacting police and insurance companies, and replacing the locks on our doors. …

Cooking with Grandma

We spent some time improving our cookie cooking skills this week. “Who made these cookies?” we asked. “They’re delicious.” “I did,” Devon said. He’s had significant help. He feels equally proud of his salad accomplishments:

Earth Day

Earth Day was on Saturday — the first warm, sunny weekend we got to spend together since at least last year. So we decided to spend the morning drinking coffee, not wearing pants, and struggling to assemble our IKEA greenhouse. We bought the greenhouse¬†last summer, but the cat immediately turned …

Christmas Cards

Holidays with a toddler are so hectic, we mostly gave up on Christmas cards for the last few years. This year though, …