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Cookie Cutters

I usually try to cut Devon’s hair myself because I’m, umm, price conscious. But this is a special haircut: Devon is having his school photos taken this week and we can’t wait several months for his hair to even out. Shauna insisted we take him to a ‘real’ hair cutting …


Because it takes serious negotiating to convince Devon to get a haircut, it’s been months since the last time we cut our hair. Since December, Devon’s hair grew and grew so that he looked more like a happy Muppet than a boy. Because we had a few days off this …

Haircut Day

We spent Sunday morning giving each other haircuts. Devon really enjoys his shaggy good looks, so it takes a lot of convincing to give him a haircut. And the only way to convince him, was to let him cut my hair. He did a pretty decent job.

First haircut

Devon was born with so much hair and sideburns we were sure we gave birth to a tiny hipster.¬† And not only …