Camping at Point Pelee

Point Pelee National Park has a new glamping campground, and we thought it would be amazing to camp for March break. After all, Point Pelee is the southern-most point in Canada, so it’s relatively warmer than the rest of the country.

We got pretty lucky with the weather: after one last winter storm, the temperature stayed above the freezing mark for most of the camping trip.

By far the hardest part of glamping in March was getting to Point Pelee with a grumpy toddler. Devon threw an epic tantrum on the way out the door and we left half our stuff at home. Luckily, the oTENTik we got was amazingly cozy and hospitable — Devon cheered right up and helped us unpack:

The lake was still frozen and incredible, but the bird migration already started: the forest where we stayed was full of bird song.

For three days we got to hike around, play on ice, chop wood, and make fire in a wood stove.

On the way back home we stopped in Aylmer to see the Tundra Swan migration. Every year nearly 50,000 tundra swan land in the town’s Wildlife Management Area, a retired WWII airfield restored back to a bog. We were lucky enough to see the swans just as they were starting to come in, hundreds of birds at a time in enormous flocks.

Devon got into the excitement and pretended to be a swan too. When we got home, we asked him what he liked best about March Break.

“Being a swan,” he said.

We think March Break glamping will probably turn into our little tradition, despite the tantrums.

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