Selfie Drone

I’ve been bugging Shauna for a long time to get us a selfie stick, but she had some hesitations. “Selfie sticks are the stupidest thing ever and everyone will laugh at you,” she said.

So instead of a selfie stick, I found a selfie drone. It’s magical: it takes off from the palm of your hand and you can gesture to it to take selfies. For some reason, Shauna wasn’t thrilled about this either.

But Devon thinks they’re amazing. We went down to the river yesterday and took our first selfie together:

Immediately after we nearly crashed our drone into a flock of geese:

Crashing has been a constant theme since we got the drone. Not only did we have to crash through slippery ice as we tumbled towards the flooded spring river, but learning how to fly has proven to be tricky:

However, despite the crashes, flying the drone has been surprisingly fun and it does offer some amazing perspectives. We took it flying around Saugeen Shores and the frozen lake looks staggeringly beautiful in the winter:

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