What a week!

Our furnace broke almost as soon as we got out of hospital a few days ago after Devon’s diagnosis with diabetes.

And last night, Ryder suddenly started vomiting and having violent, bloody diarrhea. Early in the morning, in extreme pain, she crawled under the lilac bush where we buried Malley and refused to come inside. We thought we were going to lose her too.

I rushed with her to find an emergency doctor and we were long gone by the time Devon woke up. Shauna had to explain how sick she was. He got really thoughtful and said, “Aww, she’s my best friend.”

Devon’s best friend may be OK yet. The vet is treating her for hemorrhagic gastroenteritis and so far she’s responding well. She’s doing well enough that I brought her home tonight and plan to drop her off again for another round of IV treatment tomorrow morning.

We’re all pretty glad it’s almost Friday.

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