Sweetest Devon

Shauna took Devon for a quick checkup on Wednesday to figure out why he was chugging water like a fish. The doctor had one quick look at his glucose reading and sent him directly to emergency — his blood was so full of sugar it was radioactive.

“I’m like spider man,” Devon said.

After a few more pokes at Grand River Hospital, he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Doctors immediately placed him in inpatient care to stabilize his blood sugar levels. As it turns out, Devon was much sweeter than we imagined.

We spent three days in hospital, and aside from the frequent pokes, Devon had an amazing time. He got to play with trucks, dinosaurs, game systems, play-dough — he also chased all the nurses around and got all the hugs and attention:

After three days, he did not want to come back home with us. He had the saddest face when we said our goodbyes and gave hugs on Friday afternoon — everyone who looked after him was just amazing.

Back home we’re trying to figure out how to deal with his condition. It’s extremely hard to convince a four year old that he needs to be poked eight times a day.

Bribes have been helping so far. If he’s good about his needles Devon gets “stars” he can trade in for toys. The first toy he chose was a shark head. As soon as he put on the shark head he started running around the store attacking strangers and demanding we hand over meat.

At least now he mostly pretend to be a fish rather than drinking like one.

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