Stratford Trip

Before the long weekend we took a quick trip to Stratford to see Rocky Horror.

We initially wanted to bike to the show, but the October winds were pretty intense over the open fields. So, before heading out of town, we went for a lovely bike to Laurel Creek. Shauna’s new bike is full of animal prints, and wherever we stop all the bugs in the forest stop by to say hi:

After a few tacos and beers we headed to the show. Rocky Horror was one of the better production we’ve seen — and we absolutely loved it. Stratford productions are always technically marvelous, but they tend to be fairly detached. Not Rocky Horror, however. The whole cast (and audience) was incredibly engaged and put on a fantastic performance.

For our stay in Stratford we booked a room at Edison’s. It’s the tiniest inn (just three rooms) but extremely comfy, chill, and uncomplicated. Our room was full of retro robot puzzles, and made it easy to get around town. It’s also within biking distance from Kitchener for a quick gateaway next summer :)

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