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October 2018

It’s Halloween … almost

We brought up the Halloween decorations this weekend. Devon immediately got hooked on to the Devil horns, and started acting accordingly. He’s really excited about pumpkins and trick or treating. So on Saturday he carved his first pumpkin — it was hard work:

Thanksgiving Camping

The weather forecast for the long weekend called for some rain, but we packed our tent and went camping for Thanksgiving anyway. We set up at MacGregor Point for possibly the last time this year. It was lovely. Rain did come overnight, but the days were lovely and warm. Devon …

Stratford Trip

Before the long weekend we took a quick trip to Stratford to see Rocky Horror. We initially wanted to bike to the show, but the October winds were pretty intense over the open fields. So, before heading out of town, we went for a lovely bike to Laurel Creek. Shauna’s …

Snake Hike

Junior Kindergarten is still hard. Devon is so exhausted that Shauna and I talked about pulling him out of JK and signing …