Weekend, Finally

Devon finished his first full week of Junior Kindergarten, and he was so tired by Friday that he could barely keep his eyes open. The lack of naps and all the new kids have really worn him out. Most evenings it’s a rush to get him fed and in bed, specially since he skips most of his meals during the school day.

But this weekend, finally, Devon finally got to nap again. He was pretty thrilled — Saturday all he wanted to do is wear his PJ’s.

To celebrate his first week, Saturday night we went back to Scran & Dram for dinner. The food was delicious as usual, and Devon had too much hot chocolate and spun out of control:

We went to the park after to use up some energy. He chased us around and headbutted us:

Since weekends are the only time we get to spend time with him playing, Sunday we went on a trip to the Grand River. We threw rocks in the water, chased a huge heron, picked up garbage, and splashed around. He’s such a different kid outside. Now that fall is here and evenings are so short, we’ll miss being outside with him all the time (but if we don’t get him in bed by 7:30 he transforms into a zombie):

On to week two. Friends whose kids went through the JK transition said it takes about a month of insanity before the kiddos figure out the no nap schedule. So we’re almost there.

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