We started giving Devon an allowance now that he’s realizing he’s a big boy. So far he’s getting two dollars per week — it was hard picking an amount since inflation is impacting toyland, and we want him to start ‘budgeting’ for toy purchases.

The goal right now is to teach him basic financial skills like counting and saving. We’re not tying the allowance to chores since neither Shauna nor I get paid to do house work.

He’s definitely been enjoying the idea of having some spending power. With this week’s allowance he’s up to eight dollars:

To celebrate his achievement, we decided to bike up to Chapter’s. “I want to get Owlette,” he said. PJ Masks is currently his favourite cartoon.

Our local Chapter’s has a huge solarium and Devon calls it ‘The Bubble House’ since from the road it looks like a glass bubble. “To the bubble house,” he said.

They sold out of Owlettes and her flying car at the Bubble House, but we did score a sweet Geko mobile. The toys did cost slightly more than $8, but this time he had a bit of help. Both of us thought it was money well spent:

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