Big Boy Bike

I’ve been accumulating rusty curbside bicycles for Devon and hiding them around the house ever since he’s been born. After Devon smashed up his bike two weeks ago, we suddenly had a bike emergency and needed to fix him up a new ride.

“Where did all of these come from?” Shauna asked as Devon and I started patching up an array of rusty, broken bikes. “They had a ‘free’ sign on them,” I said.

Once we got one of the bikes operational, the only thing missing were training wheels. So Devon picked out some training wheels with rockets on them and helped put them on:

Yesterday evening, after we checked and oiled our ‘new’ bike, we took it for a test run. Devon did awesome — he pedaled around the parking lot like a pro. “I’m so proud of myself,” he said. We can’t believe what a big boy he is.

To celebrate, we had backyard marshmallows, and for good measure, one of the biggest temper tantrums since he was two. I guess he wanted to prove to us he’s not all grown up yet:

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