Getting Ready for the Trade War

“What a terrible week!” We say this often to ourselves, but it’s always a surprise how much worse things can get.

On Thursday, even though Devon went to help us vote for the NDP, Ontario elected an unethical kleptocrat who literally steals from widows and orphans.

“Did the bad man go away?” Devon asked when he woke up on Friday.

“No, he’s going to be here at least four years.”

And after electing Trump-lite, the weekend started with the actual Trump attacking our milk cows, and ended with what’s possibly a trade war (or worse).

The only upside is that Devon found a water gun at the park, and is totally ready for the coming trade wars. He’s been shooting bad guys all night long and got me soaked from head to toe.

While Devon has been practicing his aim, we’ve been going through a list of goods, services and subscriptions we currently get from the US. Our goal in the next few months is to replace most American goods and services with local alternatives. There is no sense monetarily supporting a regime that routinely violates human rights and wishes us ill.

Devon is pumped:

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