Scran & Dram

New Hamburg floods every spring, sometimes spectacularly.

I wanted to show Devon the flood plains, so before meeting Shauna for dinner we went to see the water wheel in New Hamburg. The water wheel sits right on the flood plains and I didn’t realize that this early in the year the flood plains are also ice plains. So Devon and I scrambled down icy ravines and over patches of frozen river to get to the water wheel.

We had more of an adventure than we expected, and we definitely worked up an appetite by the time we met Shauna at Scran & Dram. The Scottish-inspired pub is down-to-earth but has simple, well-prepared dishes. Devon was so hungry after our walk he demolished Shauna’s nachos, his poutine and my fish and chips:

Devon liked the pub so much he did not want to leave. He crawled under the table after dinner and tried to take a nap, and got into fisticuffs with us in the parking lot when we tried to put him into the car. I think we have a wild one on our hands.

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