2017 In Review

2017 has been a horrible year: illness, suffering, loss, a break-in, hurricanes, and whatever fascist nightmare we have suddenly awaken.

Through it all we tried to keep Devon informed of what was happening in our lives, but also keep him happy. He just turned three this year: he’s precocious and sensitive and hyper aware of the adult world around him, so it’s impossible to hide anything from him.

Thus, in addition to trying to explain to him difficult concepts like our house getting broken into in the middle of the night, we also had to work extra hard this year to share with him happy moments: camping trips, ice cream, backyard roasted marshmallows, roller coaster rides, and waddles in lakes and streams.

Trying to have fun with Devon is also what allowed us to pull through some of the harder moments. Sometimes there’s nothing better than baby hugs and giggles. We hope you all had lots of hugs to pull you through the year too.

Below are some of the favourite moments we shared with him this year.

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