Maitland Camping Trip

We had a rough week and badly needed some downtime. So on Friday we packed our bikes and went camping on the Maintland River.

Shauna and I had the first day to ourselves to go biking. We biked 80km from Goderich to Bayfield and it was lovely. It was the longest ride we’ve been on in some time and we saw vultures, deer, and surprisingly, peacocks. We took a break in Bayfield near the place where we got engaged and ate cherries overlooking the lake feeling wonderfully sappy.

We took Devon camping with us for the second night, and he did his usual descend into toddler madness he does whenever we take him into the wilderness.

In the morning he had a lovely time playing in the river and pretending he was a shark. The conservation area is near a tiny waterfall and he loved all the currents of water rushing by. For a moment by the river we felt more grounded and calm as Devon splashed happily nearby. With toddlers, those moments never last too long.

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