Say Goodbye

We learned that Grandpa Brent was back in the palliative care on Friday evening. Devon and I packed the car and went on a road trip to visit him.

On the way, we stopped in St Jacobs to walk Ryder, grab a bite to eat, and climb trees. Devon is a tiny woodland elf, which he inherited mostly from his grandfather:

We climbed more trees on the way to the hospital the next day. The hospital room was full of sadness and grandpa was in a deep sleep when we arrived. Shauna flew Devon over the bed like Supermoose.

“Say, ‘I love you’,” Shauna said. Devon gave grandpa a big hug.

“Say, ‘Goodbye’,” Shauna said. “Goodbye,” Devon said in the tiniest toddler voice.

Grandpa Brent passed away peacefully later in the evening.

“Is Mom sad?” Devon asked.

“Yes,” I said. It’s so hard to explain illness to a child. It’s been such a long journey for all of us, and we’ll miss him so terribly.

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