Party in the Palliative Suite

After moving from the ICU in Owen Sound to the palliative suite in Southampton, Grandpa Brent started feeling much better.

As an added bonus, the palliative suite is huge and well appointed — it has a beer fridge, kitchenette, and comfy seating. You can basically run circles in the room. So we moved Devon’s birthday party to the hospital.

Brent was thrilled and Devon had a blast — he’s at the stage now where birthday cards are almost as much fun as presents. So he roared at the cards, and roared at the presents and ate all the chocolate.

The only thing we weren’t allowed to do in the palliative room was light birthday candles. So naturally we had a second party for Devon with candles, cake, and even more presents.

Devon’s favourite present is the cooking stove Shauna got for him. He spent all evening and most of next morning (force) feeding us is delicious creations. He takes his culinary skills seriously:

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