Because it takes serious negotiating to convince Devon to get a haircut, it’s been months since the last time we cut our hair.

Since December, Devon’s hair grew and grew so that he looked more like a happy Muppet than a boy. Because we had a few days off this week, we went meandering through Port Elgin looking for a hair cutting place. The dino came along for the ride. We first stopped for coffee and muffins at Rabbit Dash, and then made our way to the strip mall for haircuts.

The hair salon was unexpectedly busy, so we got to read fashion magazines. Devon was mesmerized by all the glossy pages.

“Look, it’s peanut-butter,” he said pointing at the face cream ads:

When it was finally his turn to get this hair cut, he was amazing. We were ready for a fight, but he just smiled and sat quietly the entire time. And now he looks like a real boy again:

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