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My bad hombres at the Guelph #womensmarch

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Confession time: Shauna and I are secret vegetable growers, pruners of apple trees, slightly tipsy bike riders, and cuddlers of babies and cats.

We’d rather spend our time watching our toddler play than protest in the streets.

But we now live in a world where we feel we need to stand up for our values. We want Devon to grow up in an inclusive, tolerant society.

What is happening in the US is wrong.

And as we’ve seen last night, Canada is not immune from hatred either — Conservative candidates for leadership are dangerously echoing the same rhetoric as Trump.

But this post is not about everything that’s wrong in the world. This is about what we’re doing to make things better. Now more than ever we need to act together. So here’s what we’re doing:

  1. We joined the Conservative Party of Canada. The deadline to get a membership is March 28th. A membership is only $15, and gives you a chance to elect someone with integrity who believes the planet needs conserving like Michale Chong (instead of Leitch).
  1. We will continue to support local farming and businesses, while boycotting US-based conglomerates. Joining a CSA is one of the best purchasing decisions we’ve made. Here’s a handy list of CSAs in Ontario.
  1. We are re-evaluating the social impact of our purchases and opting to consume less. We will continue to bike everywhere, plant trees, and look at ways of lowering our carbon output.
  1. We are divesting from the US. The valuation of the US markets is elevated compared to the rest of the world, and even if the market continues to rise in the near term, in the longer term nobody wins in a kleptocracy. If you have a retirement portfolio, consider some form of ethical investments.
  1. We are going to be kind and listen. When the establishment seeks to dehumanize, treating each other in every interaction with deep humility and humanity is absolutely an act of resistance.

We hope everyone joins us in speaking out and taking little steps towards a better future. Let us know any little (or big) things you’re doing as well, and we can hopefully change the course of this shipwreck together.

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