It’s been a shitty week: Leonard Cohen, the US election, reminders that “we who are living are now dying, with a little patience.”

When Canada had an election in what feels like a different age, Shauna and I were excited and hopeful. We most of all wanted to ensure we are creating a better world for Devon: a world that is open and inclusive, a world without racism or hatred, a world that’s more equitable and fair.

We were so young then, and so naive. Our Canadian election, as horrifying as it seemed at the time, was quaint in retrospective.

A short drive South from our house, voters mobilized to elect a racist demagogue after a campaign that denigrated women, immigrants, and our shared humanity.  And while we don’t live in the US, we do share the same planet and the same social web, and both are now incredibly fragile.

In some ways it feels we can’t just hope for a better world where our children will be nurtured and everyone will act tenderly.  We need to teach them to be strong, and fair, and to respect one another.  And more importantly, we need to teach them to stand up to monsters.

Thus, all week we’ve been training Devon to fight monsters using the left-over Halloween decorations.  It’s been going great, and we don’t expect it to backfire on the other preschoolers:





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