Blue Mountain

On long car trips, I like to tell Devon stories. I think they’re soothing. But Devon hates car rides, and he mostly ignores me while making complaining sounds.

“Your mom and I got married exactly a year ago,” I began.

“It’s been exactly three years,” Shauna said.

“It totally doesn’t feel that long,” I said, but she’s right. “So to celebrate, we stuck you in a car seat for a long car trip for an anniversary weekend in Blue Mountain.”

Devon whined in the back seat as we drove down the escarpment. And after a two-hour trip that felt like a year, we finally got to Blue Mountain.

And our trip improved enormously. We got there at dark, and Devon loved running around the village and looking at all the sparkly trees. We spent the night in a little townhouse outside the village.


Next morning, we biked from Blue Mountain to Collingwood. The ride was a lovely, sunny. A flock of swans flew over the bay, and we spent all morning kicking a ball in the park before heading back.


After naps we played in the village. Devon practiced his climbing skills .

And all that climbing practice came in handy the next morning when we went to visit the Scenic Caves. We last visited the Scenic Caves for our bachelor party. And there’s a lot for toddlers to discover there: forest trails, caves, trains. Devon loved all of it as much as we did.





Exhausted after all the running around, he actually slept in the car on the way home, which almost never happens. And so, much like the last three years of our marriage, the three day weekend went by in what felt like a single day.

Here are some photos from our trip:

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