Wild Child (Summer Trip Part 2)

We picked up a happy toddler after our lovely bike ride around Georgian Bay and set up camp at MacGregor Point.

During the week we spent in the woods, it was amazing to see our generally well-behaved toddler grow increasingly wild. By the middle of the week he was covered in mud and scrapes and was defending his tiny fort with a tent peg he found on the forest:




So now we know how Lord of the Flies happens.

Before the trip, Shauna founds some great research suggesting that kids nowadays have a nature deficit. Reintroducing them into nature should make them calmer, more attentive, studies said.

Our week-long nature experiment, however, had the opposite effect on Devon. He loved roaring, chasing us in the woods, climbing all the things, jabbing us with sticks, and going mostly feral.

But in the woods we also got to share a lot of tender moments: evening cuddles in the tent, lake swims in the morning, quiet play time, running down the slides, naps:



By the end of the week it seemed like he had grown so much in the wilderness, just not in a way we expected.

Here are some photos from our camping adventures:

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