Summer Trip (Part 3)

We ended our camping adventure by taking a long, lovely bike ride with our toddler to the beach early one morning. We biked from Port Elgin to Southampton along the shore of Lake Huron. The trail is extra pretty on cool, bright mornings — bikes zoom by right near the water, and you can see out to the island and the lighthouse, past the egrets fishing in reeds.


At the beach, Devon spent hours practising his jumping. He just learned to leap into the air, and by late morning he perfected his dive from rocks and other hazards into the sand:

We biked back with our pockets full of sand, dinosaurs, and tiny rocks Devon didn’t want to leave behind. All those things, and more, have not found a home on our livingroom floor.

After a terrible storm, we arrived home and set our tent out to dry. Devon enjoyed cleaning up after our trip almost as much as the trip itself:

Our little camper did so well in the wilderness, that we decided to make camping at MacGreggor Point an annual trip — if anyone wants to crash at our campsite next August, give us a head’s up.

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