Summer Trip (Part 1)

We’ve been looking forward to playing outside this summer for a long time. Last week we finally got to pack up our tent and bikes, and headed up north for one uninterrupted week of forest adventures.

For the first night, we left Devon to party at grandma’s house while we went biking across Grey county. Early the first morning we hit the Tom Thomson trail that goes between Owen Sound and Meaford. We bike through forests and dirt roads, working our way up to the top of the escarpment. Cool breezes blew from the lake.


The trail follows the places where Tom Thomson lived, and goes to Coffin Ridge winery. Coffin Ridge is the most scenic winery we’ve been to: located right at the top of the escarpment, they have red Muskoka chairs set out for wine tasting with a fantastic view of the bay.


And taste their wine in their lovely vineyard we did. We liked it so much we decided to cram a bottle of wine in our bike’s water carrier before we realized how profound unsafe that was on the bumpy trails going back.


We had a hard, amazing ride and enjoyed our bottle of wine later that evening on the patio overlooking the forest at our B&B. The Victorian B&B where we spent the night was welcoming and had such pretty architecture:

We slept so soundly, by the time we awoke the next morning we nearly forgot about our terrible sunburns and escarpment climbs the day before.

The second day we biked through the harbour and followed the rail trail from Owen Sound to Shallow Lake. The climb was much easier and the forest shadier, but much of the trail seemed to be used almost exclusively by ATVs.

We had a really fantastic time on our bikes exploring Owen Sound before we went to pick up Devon from his grandma vacation. The city does a good job of advertising their bike tourism. Unfortunately, most of their trails, though beautiful, are extremely rough and more geared towards motorized vehicles (ATVs / snowmobiles). Next time we go, we’ll need to upgrade our mountain bikes (and apply more sunscreen).

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