Victoria Day Camping


Some of our camping trips on the May 24 weekend have been cold, washed-out disasters. But we wanted to take Devon out in the woods in the early spring, before all the bugs, so a few months ago we booked a log cabin in Port Rowan. “Let is storm,” we said, “we’ll stay dry.”

And it came true — as soon as we parked in Port Rowan it started to rain and then Devon started to poop, leading to wrestling match over a diaper in a patch of wet grass.

But as soon as the rain started, it also ended. The rest of the week had glorious 25+ C degrees weather, and our little log cabin was far more adorable than we imagined. Devon got to chase bubbles, toddle through a historic village, hike in the woods, climb his first apple tree, and eat all the ice cream and marshmallows that would fit in his little tummy.

Shauna and I got to stay up in the evening on the deck drinking wine and overlooking a meandering river. The evening air was full of bird song. At this time of the year, the annual bird migration is fluttering through Long Point, and we couldn’t believe how many bird sounds filled the air. All nature came out to play in the evening — we saw beavers, two different types of woodpeckers, orioles, thrasher, and baby raccoon climbing trees.

All alone in the conservation area for most of the week, we finally got to live in our own little tree house in the woods.

On the drive home, a sudden rainstorm washed over us and we brought home a very dirty, tired and happy toddler.

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