Winery tour

20150929-untitled-1139Ten minutes before we were supposed to go on our first winery tour in Niagara-on-the-lake, Shauna peed on a stick and found out she was pregnant. Thus, our bachelorette party through wine country had surprisingly little drinking, but a lot of giddiness.

To make up for it, we packed our bikes this week and went back to Niagara on the Lake. By ourselves.  For the first time.

The weather was spectacular — warm and a bit misty and in two days we biked a bit over 100km between seven different wineries.  We didn’t expect it would be so tricky to bike slightly buzzed, but Niagara on the Lake has bike lanes that go everywhere and we kept safely out of traffic.

While our bike adventure went smoothy, Devon had some adventures of his own back home.  He attacked one of the metal animals in the playground with his teeth, and the animal won.  We came back to a baby who looked like he got in a bar fight.  Luckily, the swelling in his lip went down quickly and the impacted tooth is recovering nicely too.  Learning to walk is hard.

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