The Toddler Vote

The best thing about this election is the endless stream of campaign materials delivered to our door. Devon loves to march around the house with the latest pamphlets — they’re so full of color and people. Last night he grabbed the letter from our Liberal candidate and sat down in the armchair to give it a closer read:


Devon can’t vote yet, but we can. We are voting in this election not only for ourselves, but also for him. We’ve been thinking a lot about the kind of world and the kind of Canada we want him to grow up in.

This election campaign has presented a pretty horrifying picture of a Canada we don’t want for him (or for anyone): a racist, insular, and petty place that is closed off to reason and progress. A place where you do and say anything, no matter how unethical, to cling to power.

I left a continent to escape places like that. And it’s terrifying to see that sort of terrifying, divisive politics emerge in the Conservative campaign.

So Shauna and I are voting for a better place for Devon to grow up. But we are also voting to get rid of this type of terrible politics. We just hope that on Monday enough people feel the way we do, and vote for something better.

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