Log Friend

The ash trees in the park we walk by every evening are being cut down, their large limbs now folded quietly on the ground.

“Let’s steal some logs so Devon will have something to play with,” I said. “Is that even legal?” Shauna said. “They’re municipal trees — they belong to us all.”

And so we took Devon in the stroller and the dog on the leash up the little hill to pick ourselves a log. Tree limbs are heavier than they look.

“It’s a log, it’s a log, it’s better than bad it’s good,” Shauna sang.

I finally located a log we could lift. We took Devon out of the stroller and strapped the log in his place and we walked home nonchalantly, hoping nobody would notice.

But the neighbours did notice.

“Are you taking your log for a walk,” they asked.

This morning we took Devon in the yard to show him his new log friend. He loves it. He’s been climbing it all morning and picking at the bark to see the bugs and layers underneath.

We stole a log from the park for Devon to play with, and it's his new best friend.




The dog is getting into the action too:


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