Most of the things we grew are starting to become delicious: the multi-headed sunflowers keep the bees happy, the squash look almost ripe, and our potato harvest is ready to eat!

Yesterday we went in the yard to harvest the potatoes. Devon has been helping dig them out and sample them as they came out of the ground. This year we grew a heritage breed of potatoes and Yukon Golds. The Yukon Gold potatoes are the most exciting ones to us — they flower and grow fruits in our yard each year. This year we collected some of the fruits so we can start potatoes from seed next year.

Growing potatoes from seed is supposed to make the potatoes more disease resistant, so we hope to have happy potatoes for many more years from our seed stock.


As an added bonus, the black currants are also ready to pick. Devon has been taking breaks from yard work to nom on them. He loves them, even though they are tart:

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