Rain, finally

We’ve been waiting for rain for a long time. This has been one of the driest springs we remember — all of our plants were stressed despite our best efforts to keep up with the watering.

And when the rain finally came, it came all at once. After 24 hours of continuous rain our rain barrels are full and our plants happy.

We took a walk in the yard to take it all in. Look.

Happy dino and lupines:
20150531-untitled-1032 20150531-untitled-1043

Happy apple trees and bunny garden:
20150531-untitled-1047 20150531-untitled-1053

Happy leeks and potatoes:
20150531-untitled-1057 20150531-untitled-1062

Happy irises and onions:
20150531-untitled-1067 20150531-untitled-1074

And to celebrate all the rain Shauna made strawberry rhubarb crisp. Nom:20150531-untitled-1092 20150531-untitled-1102

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