What does Devon eat?

Shauna has been a vegetarian for a long time, and by extension so was Devon when he was inside her belly. Now that he’s a growing boy, a lot of people ask “What does he eat?” They usually want to know whether we’re raising Devon to be a vegetarian too.

Devon eats pretty much anything, including meat.

Both Shauna and I have strong feelings about food and it defines a lot of our identity. But we want Devon to grow up to be his own person. So when we started introducing solid food, we’ve been focused on providing nutritious, yummy things for him to eat. He’ll make up his own mind about what is right to eat or not eat as he grows, and we hope to provide him with a space where he can think about what food means.

In Canada (unlike the US), the general recommendation is to introduce meat or other iron-rich foods as one of the first solid meals:

Start with foods that contain iron and offer them a few times each day. Iron supports your baby’s growth and development. Iron-rich foods include meats such as beef, lamb, game, poultry, and fish. Meat alternatives include eggs, tofu, and legumes such as beans and lentils.

Thus, when I cook for Devon I try to incorporate lots of different meat and meat alternatives to keep his growing belly happy. I generally also cook food for him that we would eat ourselves. He eats what we eat in a more mushed-up form.

A typical baby meal this week looks like this:
20150407-untitled-1012Recipe: cook fish, yams, and apples and mush them together for a delicious meal.

Throughout the day we give him other fruits, nut butters, and berries, and he’s happy to eat just about everything.

We can’t wait to see what he decides to eat when he grows up.

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