Raised garden beds

We experimented with growing veggies in our yard for the last couple of years, and we’ve had some successes, but also a lot of failures.

The abundant squash, potatoes and sunflower have been delightful: they allowed us to not only feed ourselves for weeks at a time, but to also have flowers we grew ourselves at our wedding.

The corn, apple trees, beets and kale have for the most part fallen victims to the bunnies and poor soil conditions in our yard.

We mostly have sand in our yard, which is ironic since this entire subdivision once used to be a beet farm. The beets that once grew here were not of great quality, but they were abundant.  The sugar factory right down the road from where we live processed all the local beets and discarded byproducts right in the nearby Grand River, killing most aquatic life.

To remedy both the bunny hazards and the poor soil, this year we decided to construct raised gardens for our veggies.  With Devon’s help, I put together some frames and filled them with fresh soil and compost.  Shauna planted seeds in our seed starting kit so we can start our plants in our mud room.  And we have some chicken wire to keep out our furry friends.

We’re pretty excited about this growing season!







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