First haircut

Devon was born with so much hair and sideburns we were sure we gave birth to a tiny hipster.  And not only did his baby hair not fall out, but more grew in odd layers until he started to look like a tiny Muppet.  Whenever we bounced him on our laps his mouth would open really wide and his mops of hair would flop back and forth as he made his adorable Muppet sounds.

So it was time for a haircut.  We picked a day when he was teething and didn’t nap well to make sure we got the full crying baby effect.  But instead of a crying baby we had a contemplative and cuddly child.  He seemed slightly worried, but didn’t even wince as the hairdresser waved scissors around his head and poked him with a comb.

Now instead of a tiny Muppet, we have our adorable child back:










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