Little house

About a year ago, Google Streetview started to let you travel back in time. It was a gimmicky feature at first, but now that they added more photos it’s neat to see how our own house has changed over time.

Before I moved in, the lawn was pretty barren and those shrubs were kept in their place. This is what the house looked like in 2009:

In 2011 I moved in and planted a little maple tree (the tree is not so little anymore). I let the shrubs grow and now they make a nice little nook where we have breakfast in the morning. I also got rid of all the blinds — it really opens the place up:

2012 was an exciting year for our house — the neighbour’s tree fell on our roof without any provocation. By 2014 when this photo was taken, the neighbour’s tree is gone and we already had Devon and planted a crab apple tree on our lawn so it can grow as he grows:

It’s not just our house that is now chronicled historically on Google Maps. There’s also a photo of me walking home with the dog from the river with bags full of nettles we foraged:

walk home

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