Paternity leave

Forest folkFrom the beginning, Shauna and I wanted to share our lives fully.  We are partners in everything and try as much as possible to equally partake in all the moments of joy, adventure and even drudgery.

Thus, as soon as realized we were growing a tiny peanut, we decided to share the experience as much as we could.    We both wanted to take time from work to care for our Devon.

Shauna took the first six months off work.  And last week I started my paternity leave so I can spend time with Devon until he turns one.

The first week with Devon was incredibly emotional, but also a lot of fun.  Shauna was at a conference and took us along.  I got to spend the days swimming and going for walks with the baby and the puppy.  They both enjoyed forests and naps after some convincing.

In fact, Devon enjoyed the forest so much he decided to eat it:

Forest nomAnd I let him.  I think we’re off to a great start.

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